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3 Ways A Financial Coach Can Be Your First Step On The Path To Monetary Wellness

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Most people understand (at least generally) the role of a financial advisor. These individuals provide direct services, often helping with investment and retirement strategies. However, not everyone is at the point in their financial journey where these services may be useful. A traditional advisor may not be right for you if you’re still struggling to build an emergency fund and achieve financial stability. If you feel that you’re not managing your money as well as you’d like or you’re unable to achieve your goals, a financial coach may be the perfect fit for your situation. Read More»

Why It's Important To Perform A Reverse 1031 Exchange In The Right Way

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If you currently own a property that you are thinking about selling, then you might be interested in using the proceeds to purchase another piece of property. People who like investing in investment properties often make these types of decisions, and you might have found yourself in a situation in which you want to do something similar. This is commonly known as a reverse 1031 exchange. A reverse 1031 exchange is an excellent financial move for many people to make, but it has to be done the right way. Read More»

Can Your Company's Income Tax Reporting Differ From Its Bookkeeping?

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Every business should strive to file accurate income tax forms. And this usually means that what’s reported for tax purposes matches what the company’s (or owner’s) accounting books also show. But are there times when your tax reporting may differ from your company’s financial statements? And if so, how can you guarantee the correctness of both sets of statements? Here’s what you need to know. Can Tax Reporting Differ From Bookkeeping? Read More»